About Danny

Licensed and Trained Dog Walker

Providing Safe, Convenient Exercise for Your Bestie

When you’re away at work, on vacation or just need a weekend away, Urban Paws is there to give your canine or feline companion a bright spot during the day. Dogs require physical and mental stimulation just like humans do. If proper exercise is provided on a daily basis, it will energize their body, mind and spirit.

Meet Danny

As a professional service dog trainer, I am well versed in dog behavior/psychology. Through years of hands on experience, I am confident in my ability to work with/handle all different types of dogs. I have always focused on bringing the best out in each dog. The first priority with any dog I interact with is to gain his/her trust, learn the dogs’ personality and preferences, and begin the bonding process.

Because dog training is a great way to kickstart the bond (and one of my passions), I would love to teach your dog some tricks while I spend time with him/her. Leaving your dog in the care of someone else can be intimidating, but you can feel at ease when your dog is under my care and supervision. I can’t wait to meet you and your beloved dog soon!

Looking For A Professional?

Whether you choose private or semi-private walks, all of our closely supervised, fun-filled dog walks are exactly what your pup needs to be healthy, happy and well adjusted.

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